Ben Moore

Press X was a short lived pop culture podcast that I recorded with two friends Nick and Curt.
Videogames dominated the conversation but we covered all forms of entertainment from movies to music, did some amateur beatboxing and reenacted terrible Indiana Jones scripts.

Episode Number
Episode Length
File Size
Episode 1 Press X to Start

In our first episode we introduce ourselves and the site, then cover topics such as the Nintendo 3DS price drop, Borderlands 2 and digital distribution.

1.04.42 06/08/11 62.1mb Download
Episode 2 Press X to Outro

We discuss Watch the Throne, comics vs novels, Melbourne's Mana Bar, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Gametraders and much more.

1.10.14 28/08/11 67.4mb Download
Episode 3 Press X to Beep

Ben and Nick replace Curt with a dog and discuss traumatising childhood memories of IKEA, fat people with six packs, beep chains and much more.

1.09.34 03/09/11 66.8mb Download
Episode 4 Press X to Drink

We ask What’s the haps?, we buy our Malibu Stacy a new hat and we crave the taste of human flesh.

1.12.26 14/09/11 69.6mb Download
Episode 5 Press X to Chainsaw

We chat Gears of War 3, ask if Bieber could be the next Timberlake and impersonate Luke Skywalker.

1.06.53 24/09/11 64.3mb Download
Episode 6 Press X to Ink

In which Nick gets a tattoo on a very sensitive area and we rock out to The Violent Phlegm’s. "It’s something enjoyable, something fun. New things happening around the block!"

1.00.31 02/10/11 58.1mb Download
Episode 7 Press X to Survive

In which we applaud Emma Frost’s Crazy, Stupid, Love cameo, make small talk with Steve Jobs in an elevator and go kill a bear.

1.25.04 08/10/11 81.7mb Download
Episode 8 Press X to Direct

We anticipate the pending Battlefield vs Call of Duty showdown, debate what makes for a great director and explore the EB Games Expo.

1.28.17 17/10/11 84.8mb Download
Episode 9 Press X to Occupy

We join the protests with ‘White horses for all’ signs, start our new segment: Dictator of the Week and lament our shrunken heads.

1.17.40 23/10/11 74.6mb Download
Episode 10 Press X to Battle

Ben movies on up (as the kids are saying), Nick is on fire playing NBA Jam and Curt isn't a fan of the Battlefield 3 campaign.

1.12.49 31/10/11 70.0mb Download
Episode 11 Press X to Rock

Ben reminds us all of the achievements of musical law enforcers, Nick is looking forward to Jarvis’s performance as the next Bond protagonist and Curt takes back everything he said about Guy Pearce and ruins the Microsoft!

1.16.39 08/1111 73.7mb Download
Episode 12 Press X to Shout Ben isn’t familiar with the works of Bruce Hornsby, Nick informs the Prototype team they’re out of a job and Curt teaches Nick about economics. 1.07.53 14/11/11 65.2mb Download
Episode 13 Press X to Reminisce Ben shouts out Tetsuo, Nick is only a little bit sexist and Curt goes for a cruise. 1.19.36 20/11/11 76.5mb Download
Episode 14 Press X to Meltdown

Ben punches buildings to death, Nick discovers he likes country music and Curt fights the moth man.

1.04.41 29/11/11


Episode 15 Press X to Rap

Ben gets his hands on the Superman #1 Sex Tape, Nick rants about people with bikes on the train and Curt weaponises some uranium then saves some ducks.

1.35.18 05/12/11 91.7mb Download
Episode 16 Press X to React

Ben attacks the block, Nick gets a bad rep and Curt is…not here.

1.06.09 11/12/11 63.6mb Download
Episode 17 Press X to Award

Ben is a professional critic, Nick is dawg-gone country and Curt stays away from popular books…and all other books.

56.12 22/12/11 54.0mb Download
Episode 18 Press X to Smoke

Ben saves some prostitutes, Nick emails the police and Curt takes an arrow to the knee.

1.37.21 21/01/12 93.8mb Download
Episode 19 Press X to Surprise

Nick grabs his crotch at homies and Ben is driving blind.

1.19.57 05/02/12 76.8mb Download